10-29-17 GLWA Boil Advisory Update
10-28-17 GLWA Update
10-27-17 Boiling Advisory Update From GLWA
10-26-17 Oakland County Water Advisory
10-25-17 Update From GLWA
Update From WB Water Utilities Department
GLWA Memo On Water Boiling Advisory
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We thank all residents of West Bloomfield for their patience during this emergency.

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West Bloomfield Township offices are now open. This boiling water advisory could be a multiple day situation.  We will update our status on our website and on our main phone message at (248) 451-4800.  The Supervisor’s office will be taking calls as possible throughout the business day (248) 409-1581.

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UPDATES - Here are the most comprehensive details we have up to this point:

10-29-17 12:00pm
Boil water advisory has been lifted. Please review GLWA document on post boil advisory procedures. 

10-28-17 7:20pm
Latest GLWA Notice

10-28-17 12:40pm

Status Summary from Ed Haapla, West Bloomfield Water & Sewer Director.

10-27-17 1:26pm
Assuming both water testing results come back negative for bacteria, the expected date for the boil advisory to be lifted is Sunday afternoon.

10-26-17 9:00pm

There are important steps that need to be followed once a boil water advisory ends. After the advisory has been lifted, it does not mean that the water is able to be used or drank right away. Please see the below link and checklists for actions that need to be taken after a boil water advisory has ended.

Oakland County Post Boil Water Advisory Recovery Information

10-26-17 8:00pm
Water quality testing will go into the weekend.
Latest status from Great Lakes Water Authority 

10-26-17 10:00am
The patch pipe is in and buttoned up. Pressurization tests have begun.

10/25/17 9:30am
Repair pipe has arrived at the scene and repairs have begun.
Water pressure within the Twp has stabilized but please restrict usage if possible until repairs are completed.
Boil water advisory remains in effect until further notice (Friday or Saturday).
Drinking water distribution point at Keith Sports Park will remain open and staffed by officers. You must bring your own container.

10/25/17 9:15am
Please read the latest update from the GLWA (Great Lakes Water Authority).
Please click here for FAQs from the GLWA regarding the Boil Water Advisory.

10/24/17 3:53pm
Potable water station open 24/7 at Keith Sports Park and people must bring their own containers. Map

Water pressures in the Twp are holding despite the fact that surrounding communities are completely without water. Twp water pressure may drop periodically as service is temporarily restored to other municipalities.

Twp water can continued to be boiled and drank and used for showering and laundry.

Fire and PD services are not affected as staffing has been increased across the board.

A break in a 48" diameter water pipe seam on the evening of October 23rd caused significant road damage which resulted in a full closure of 14 Mile Rd between Verona and Timbers Edge. Map

Parts to repair the pipe are on the way to the area and the work will begin the morning 10/25/17 and go through the night.

After repairs there is another day of water treatment within the pipe. The water will be tested to see if the boil water advisory can be lifted at that time and the results could be back by as early as Friday evening.

Road repair will begin after the water pipe is back in service. There is no current time frame available for the reopening of 14 Mile.

10/24/17 3:14pm -
 A water distribution center has been established at Keith Sports Park at 2750 Keith Rd in West Bloomfield Twp. Tested drinkable well water is available to residents who bring their own container(s). Please limit use to 10 gallons per visit. The area will be staffed with West Bloomfield Police Officers.

- Due to the substantial extent of the current water main failure, repairing this problem and placing public water back into service and removing a Boil Water Advisory, it’s estimated to take at least 4-5 days in duration in order to make necessary repairs and place the entire at-large water system of West Bloomfield into a no boil water status.

- Continue the water boil advisory, and please restrict your water usage until further notice.