Apply For Building and Trade Permits Online

 * Registration and linking of PIN are one-time only prerequisites
 Registration with BS&A Online Services
  • If you are already registered with BS&A Online Services you can skip this step, otherwise
    Click here to register and follow the instructions to completion.  Make sure to activate your account through the email sent to you after completion of your registration.
 Link PIN number to your registered online account
  • To link your online username (created above) to your account in West Bloomfield's database, either call the Building staff at (248) 451-4858 and they can do this for you, or if you already have your PIN number, Click here and enter your PIN to link your account.

For each permit, complete and save the application file for uploading
Please note that you will only need to add a single application fee to your permit.  The rest of the fees will be added by the Building Staff based on a review of the permit application form (saved above) that you will attach during the application process.  Tutorial

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