Freedom of Information Act

FOIAThe Clerk’s office is the administrator of all FOIA requests received of the Township. Persons or Organizations asking for information of the Township must complete this FOIA FORM and submit it to the Clerk’s office for distribution to the appropriate departments that maintain the information requested. The Township has five (5) business days to respond to the request with the option to extend the response time if the request requires additional time to gather all of the information.


Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, a fee will not be charged for the labor costs of the search, examination, review, and the deletion and separation of exempt from nonexempt information unless failure to charge a fee would result in unreasonably high costs to the Township because of the nature of the request in the particular instance, and the Township specifically identifies the nature of the unreasonably high costs.

Written requests may be delivered to the Township Hall in person or by mail to:  Township Hall 4550 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI  48323.

Requests may be faxed to:  248-682-3788.   To ensure a prompt response, faxed requests should contain the term "FOIA" or "FOIA Request" on the first/cover page.

You may also use one of the online request forms below:
Clerks Department Online FOIA Request
Code Enforcement Online FOIA Request
Planning Department Online FOIA Request
Building Department Online FOIA Request
Zoning Online FOIA Request
Development Services Online FOIA Request 
(Environmental, Engineering)
Fire Department Online FOIA Request
Police Department Online FOIA Request

Additional FOIA Information