Licensing and Permits

LicensingAndPermitsThe Clerk’s office processes paperwork for various business licenses and permits required by the Township Ordinances. The following are the types of licenses/permits that we regulate and issue. Contact the Clerk’s Office (248.451.4848) to obtain more information regarding specific permits. Click on "FORM" link to obtain available application forms:

FEES: Refer to specific application form for license/permit fees.

  • Coin Operated Amusement Device PermitsFORM
  • Commercial Coal Tar Sealant LicenseFORM  
  • Fertilizer Application PermitsFORM
  • Fireworks Permits - FORM
  • Frozen Confection (Ice Cream) Vendor Licensing:
    Business/Truck FORM          Operator/Employee FORM
  • Garage Sale Permits (Apply at Clerk's office anytime prior to sale)
    (WE CANNOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS – Cash or Check only)
    Please bring a driver’s license and know the dates of your sale. Fee is $5.00 for the permit and up to two (2) signs. Up to three (3) additional signs may be purchased for $5.00 per sign. You may have your sale for 72 hours, twice in a 12 month period. No balloons, pennants (flags), string pennants or other floating devices anchored to the ground or to any structure are allowed (Temporary Sign Ordinance CZ 5.15 Pi-vii).  Garage sale signs shall not be attached to any fence, post, wall, tree, pole, or upon any other structure in any street, highway, alley, or public place in the township. Signs must be at least 20 feet off edge of road. Garage sales include yard and moving sales. Garage Sale Ordinance
  • Going Out of Business PermitsFORM
  • Massage Establishment LicenseFORM
  • Solicitor (Peddler) Licenses:  FORM
  • Solid Waste Hauler (Sanitation) LicensingFORM
  • Used Car Lots PermitsFORM
  • Outdoor Gathering Permits: FORM
  • Parade/Banner(over-the-road)/Road Closure Permits:  FORM

Resolution Regarding Community Event Police and Fire Department Fee Waivers

For Small Business Licensing, Contact Oakland County