Environmental Services

Amy Neary, Planning & Development Services Director

John Roda, Environmental Manager
Michelle Gartland, Environmental & Project Analyst
Alex Kozlowski, Sr. Development Clerk

2019 Licensed Coal Tar Applicators
To protect our environment from the negative affects of coal tar sealants the township has banned coal tar products.  The township requires all pavement sealant companies who contract with our residents and business owners to seal their driveways and parking lots to be licensed by the Township.  The following companies are licensed to operate within the township.  Please check the list before hiring your pavement seal coating contractor. 

Tuff Coat by Erdodi
S & J Asphalt Paving Company
Metro Sealcoating
Options Paving
HD Sealcoating & Paving Solutions
Clifford Sealcoating LLC


The Environmental Division is committed to protecting, restoring and enhancing the natural resources of West Bloomfield Township for current and future generations using approaches and solutions based on science, best management practices, collaboration and respect for all stakeholders involved.

The Environmental team can assist you with:
- The Environmental Commission
- Floodplain_Floodway_Watercourse_Wetlands
- Grading & Soil Erosion
- Coal Tar Sealants
- Environmental Features Setbacks
- Fertilizers
- Woodland Conservation
- Solid Waste & Recycling
- Hazardous Waste
- Lake Study
- Oakland County Drains
- Drainage Concerns
- Trees
- West Nile Virus
- Rain Gardens
- Landscaping Practices
- Seawalls
- Water Quality
- Mitigation
- Electric Vehicle Charging

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