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This Winter Use Brine instead of Rock Salt to Protect Water Quality

Salt keeps our communities safe, by reducing both the number of vehicle accidents as well as slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, salt doesn’t just disappear when all the snow melts; it is washed into our lakes, rivers, and streams and has an almost immediate effect on water quality. As a homeowner, consider reducing salt use by applying brine, not rock salt, before a snow storm and shoveling frequently to keep snow from accumulating. This is the best way to save your back, your knees, and the Rouge River!

Brine, a mixture of salt and water, has become a great alternative to traditional rock salt. The transition to using brine for a homeowner has minimal costs. The brine can be pre-mixed in large quantities and stored in your basement or garage. By spraying brine, you have more control over your application, so you don’t apply over the same area twice and it won’t bounce off the driveway the way rock salt can. Brine starts working much faster than rock salt due to the increased contact area with the snow. The best method is to apply the brine before a snow storm begins. Not all communities have transitioned to the use of brine on roads because there is a significant startup cost for additional equipment and storage.

What you need:brine

  • 1 ½ gallons hot water
  • 3-4 cups rock or table salt
  • Bucket
  • Sprayer

Directions: Combine salt and hot water (which helps dissolve the salt) in bucket until all salt is dissolved completely (so salt chunks don’t clog sprayer).  Pour mixed brine into a sprayer and apply to sidewalk and driveway prior to     a snowfall. Each gallon should cover 1,000 square feet of surface (about 200 feet of sidewalk).

images         Household Hazardous Waste Event 
         (open to West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake & Sylvan lake Residents)

                                     2018 EVENT DATES:
                         Spring:  April 21, 2018
                       Fall:  September 29, 2018

West Bloomfield is proud to announce that our local charitable agency, St. Vincent de Paul Society, will be joining us on-site to sponsor a donation drive. Please join us in welcoming them to this important community event.
St. Vincent de Paul Society - 2375 Orchard Lake Road - West Bloomfield, Michigan - (248) 221-5129

For a Full List of acceptable and unacceptable items click: HHW FLYER

GFL Environmental USA Solid/Composting/Recycling Service

For Information regarding GFL Environmental USA and their services, please visit the Solid Waste/Recycling/ HHW tab to the left.

* Household Solid Waste/Recycling -  Must be curbside by 7:00 am
* Bulk Waste- Must Call GFL-USA to arrange pick-up (844)464-3587
* Yard Waste Pick-up - available beginning April 2, 2018

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